Citizens For Citizens Fund


During times of crisis, many of us want to help but feel helpless.

This platform was created so that we can all be a part of helping our communities by setting aside funds for times of national crisis.
You can donate here and be a part of rebuilding your own communities from this COVID-19 pandemic and all future crises.

Citizens For Citizens Fund is an initiative with a mission to help special national initiatives and NGOs alleviate individual economic distress of people by aiding in the creation of grants funded by its more fortunate citizens.

No amount is too small or too big. One million $1 donations = $1,000,000

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Citizens For Citizens Fund acts as a mediator between governments or NGOs and people. All government and NGO requests are vetted by our integrity team. All donors will have access to full project audits and reports.


In times of crisis, different societal needs become more relevant and urgent. Citizens For Citizens Fund allocates funds to the most urgent needs of the most vulnerable populations at any given time.


We encourage you to give a small amount monthly rather than one big lump sum. Easier for you, more helpful for our nation. Just one click, one time and it’s set.

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