About Us


We are a group of individuals that are impact driven. We have worked with various governments as well as the private sector in policy, emerging technology, banking and human development with a combined 100 years of experience. We are committed to helping the underserved during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to help beyond the pandemic.

Board of Advisors

Wayne Powell, O.D., J.P.


Rosemarie Pilliner, J.P.

Daynier Brown

Dr. Justin Ram

Dr. Stacey-Ann Wilson

Dr. Tyrone Grandison

Lucia Gallardo

Operational & Development Team

Melissa Powell


Sherrece Jackson

Candice Brown


Transparency is crucial and we have set up a team to ensure the integrity of the movement of funds. This team will:

  • Vet the initiatives or needs submitted by the special national initiatives and NGOs
  • Authorize the release of funds if approved
  • Collect and review project audits
  • Ensure funds are used as declared and upload
    reports for donating citizens to see how funds have been used

What is expected of the Integrity Team?

  • Made up of upstanding citizens who are not affiliated with the government, have displayed good work ethic, a significant level of empathy, problem solving and active involvement in community
  • Responsible for reviewing cases put together and verified by the administrative team
  • Offer guidance to the administrative team on improvements to processes and application/approval qualifiers
  • Review cases once per month
  • Include one non-citizen for additional objectivity