What happens when you donate?

What happens when you donate:

  • The funds are kept in an account specifically for this fund
  • The special national initiative or NGO entity will send in an application for use of funds after determining the current need that would alleviate economic distress. Cases that qualify are (but not limited to):
    • Individuals financially affected by the pandemic
      • Individuals whose work has been canceled by employer or clients due to pandemic
      • Individuals who cannot otherwise be employed because of the nature of their profession
    • Individuals whose workplace is high risk
    • Individuals with high-risk workplaces who also face challenging circumstances at home such as ill or special-needs family members and/or large numbers of children.

It is important to note that some jobs cannot be done during this time regardless of marketing, time, or money. Such jobs include but are not limited to personal services or hotel staff.

  • Initiatives that support issues brought on by COVID19
  • Shortage of medical resources needed to aid in containing the pandemic
  • The Citizens For Citizens Fund Integrity Team will review applications and accept or reject based on our outlined criteria for need and priority.
  • If accepted, the special national initiative or NGO is given funds to issue a grant to an individual or initiative.
  • The special national initiative or NGO then must provide Citizens For Citizens Fund with a full report on how the funds were spent with confirming evidence. Follow up reports must also be made to ensure the funds worked as intended.
  • Citizens For Citizens Fund will make all reports available online for donors to see how their money has been used.