Can individuals apply for grants?

If individuals are in need please reach out to the government agency or NGO aligned with your need so that they can apply to us on your behalf.

Is there a minimum donation?

No. We firmly believe in every little thing adds up. One million $1 donations = $1,000,000.

How do I know this is a legitimate fund?

Citizens For Citizens Fund Ltd is a Limited by Guarantee registered under the company’s act of Jamaica. Our registration can be found at orcjamaica.com by name or company number 103930. 

Charitable Organization status is pending.  

If I donate can it be filed on my tax returns as a charity?

Yes, if filing taxes in Jamaica. If donating elsewhere please check with a local tax authority on opportunities for international charities.

Is this available in all countries?

Please contact us at info@citizensforcitizens.org and let us know which country you would like to start donating to.

What is Citizens For Citizens Fund?

Citizens For Citizens Fund is a crowdfunding application that gives citizens a vehicle to participate socially in helping to relieve their country’s economic distress due to extreme traumatic circumstances. Our focus is on areas / individuals identified by the government as high priority.

Citizens For Citizens Fund is solving for prudent macro-economic fiscal management and human development by facilitating cash and kind transfers to the most vulnerable.

Where does the money go?

The money is disbursed to the special national initiative or an NGO for particular cases with follow up audits and reports done for each case that can be seen by donors. These cases can focus on an individual or initiative.

Who is eligible to receive funds and how much will they receive?

Currently, Initiatives responding to crisis due to Covid19, Health organizations responding to Covid19, as well as individuals in distress caused by Covid19. In the future and initiative relating to the then current national crisis.

Why should I donate here and not directly to a charity initiative?

We encourage you to donate wherever you can. Always do checks to ensure that payment methods are secured. Our platform provides more secure payment options than most charity websites and supports a wider range of initiatives.

Why do you have an option for monthly payments?

We believe in offering people choices and some may not be able to give a large amount at once but might be able to give the same small amount on a monthly basis.

Why does Citizen For Citizen Fund go through special national initiatives and NGOs rather than disbursing directly to individuals or initiatives?

This approach gives us better access to information about the most traumatized areas and allows us to ensure that our grants will reach the people who need it the most. It also ensures fair and efficient distribution.

How is Citizens For Citizens Fund Funded?

Citizens For Citizens Fund’s operating costs are covered by grants for economic development, individual donations and private corporations. When the COVID-19 pandemic is over a small percentage of the donated funds will go to administration and the rest will go to teacher bonuses annually.

How will it work in various countries?

Each country will have its own integrity team and varying laws around tax breaks.

Each country will have at least one local banking option for donations.

What happens when there is no pandemic and the economy is thriving?

For Jamaica, a small portion of the funds collected outside of the economic crisis will be redirected to providing annual bonuses for teachers in government funded schools. The rest of the funds will go into an account accumulating so that there is a balance available with the nation is spontaneously hit with trauma.