Dr. Stacey-Ann Wilson

Dr. Stacey-Ann Wilson is a political economist and a Lecturer in the Department of Government at the University of the West Indies, Mona, and Senior Research Fellow for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship at the Centre for Leadership and Governance, Mona. Her areas of interest are broadly focused on culture, critical political economy, sustainable development, science, innovation and information technology for development, and entrepreneurship ecosystem development, and diversification. Stacey-Ann has more than 15 years experience in governance, serving in a variety of leadership roles on a variety of boards ranging from academia, public and private sector to international intergovernmental agency program boards and steering committees, in both developed and developing countries. She serves as a strategic advisor for a select number of tech startups and scale ups in Canada, Jamaica and in Africa (a Pan-African women’s tech company, spanning 10 countries).

Stacey-Ann has more than 9 years experience working in ICT4D in rural and remote Indigenous communities in Australia, on First Nations reservations in Canada and in urban Jamaica. She is co-founder of the first officially recognized FabLab (digital fabrication lab) in Jamaica and TechEd program coordinator for 2 schools in Queensland, Australia, addressing diversity and tech inclusion.

Stacey-Ann is a blockchain enthusiast and works closely, as an advisor, with 2 startups utilizing Blockchain technology. She teaches Blockchain Disruption in her graduate level eGovernance course and as of October 2018, she will be co-hosting half day and 3 day Blockchain Seminars for Executives in Jamaica to build awareness and to explore digital transformation and use cases in the Caribbean environment.

Dr. Wilson was a Steering Committee member of the Caribbean Mobile Innovation Programme (CMIP), a 3 year (2014-2017) Canadian government funded, World Bank managed project. She is the designated Jamaica member of Startup Nations, the entrepreneurship policy forum within the Kaufmann Foundation-funded, Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and a community