Hermine Metcalfe, O.D., BH[M]

Hermine Metcalfe is a registered pharmacist and has been active in the profession for 48 years. She is a graduate of the College of Arts, Science and Technology (CAST) and Brighton Polytechnic (now University of Brighton), Sussex, England.

She has worked in both the private and public sectors and has vast experience in marketing and training. She worked for over twenty-five years with leading international pharmaceutical companies in various capacities.

She served as the chief pharmacist at the Kingston Regional Hospitals for eight years and afterward as Assistant to the Director of Pharmaceutical Services in the Ministry of Health for over four years. She was also a part-time lecturer in pharmaceutics at CAST and the School of Nursing and was an external examiner at the School of Pharmacy, CAST.

One of her major achievements while in the public sector was the drafting of the first list of Vital, Essential and Necessary drugs (VEN List) in 1986. The VEN List is used to this day as the basis for procurement of drugs for the private sector. This list has been adopted in other Caribbean Countries.

She serves on a number of boards including the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica, of which she is former chairman (1988-1993). As a member of the current Council, she serves on the Standards Committee and List Committee. She is an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Jamaica

She is passionate about service and is a Distinguished President of the Kiwanis Club of New Kingston. She is chairman of St. Patrick’s Foundation, an organization which provides education and skills training to youth in the inner city communities of Riverton, Seaview, Waterhouse, Olympic Gardens and surrounding areas and provides care and shelter at St. Monica’s Home, for elderly who have no means of support.

She was named “Alpha Academy’s Woman of Excellence” in 2014 and that same year was recognized by the government of Jamaica with the Badge of Honour for Meritorious Service: BH[M] for over 40 years outstanding service to the pharmacy in the public & private sectors.

In 2016, she was awarded the Order of Distinction (O.D.) for outstanding contributions to pharmacy education.