Melissa Powell (Founder | Director | Secretary)

Melissa’s passion for people centric businesses led her to become the co-founder and cohost of InvestHuman, a podcast listened to in 60+ countries, which explores reigniting the human element of work.

Melissa is also on a mission to facilitate nation building by zooming in on professional migration and its positive effects on the economics of individuals, companies, and countries. This led her to create Pocmi Inc which is an HR and Immigration technology company focused on creating and bringing to light innovative ways to improve the movement of high skilled labor across borders. Melissa, through the ability to work outside of her home country, has become an experienced business development professional who is an innovative, entrepreneurial thinker with broad based expertise in talent management, operations, and project management. She has the proven ability to quickly analyze key business drivers and develop strategies to grow the bottom line, regardless of the industry.

She has been featured on The Business Year, and among others. Melissa has previously led panels and given presentations internationally on Personal Branding in the Work Place, Multicultural Diversity, Hiring the Best Teams, How to Prepare International Students for the Local Job Market, as well as Empathy and Leadership in the workplace.

She is a part of the Project Entrepreneur Class of 2018, a Branson Legacy Entrepreneur, a Mentor and Founder Graduate of the Founder Institute. She participates in the future of work and technology initiatives such as i4j (Innovation 4 Jobs) and various women and blockchain groups. She has a master’s degree in international business, an MSc. in Construction Management, and a BA. in Architecture, and also holds various certifications from reputable international organizations.

Melissa is also a part of a small team that has put together an annual free two-day teen success workshop for the children of Kinston Jamaica.