Rosemarie Pilliner, J.P.

Rosemarie Pilliner is a Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach and currently sits on the board of Petrojam Limited. She is a well-respected, self-assured, confident, and purposeful leader who is driven by a passion for excellence coupled with a strong desire for achievement. Her passion for service, strong work ethic, and quiet resilience, branded her throughout Scotiabank as a significant change agent, extremely reliable, and always capable of moving the organization to the next level of operational efficiency and effectiveness. She has now retired from Scotiabank after forty-five years of demonstrating that “lions don’t need to roar” to achieve personal satisfaction and organizational goals but that a caring, mentoring and confident approach to managing human capital can inspire trust, lift morale and achieve exceptional results.

During her tenure at Scotiabank, Mrs. Pilliner served in a number of roles including Executive Vice President of Operations, General Manager, and Vice Presidents. Over time she has earned a reputation for being a proficient leader with a record for achieving exceptional organizational performance through efficient management of human capital. Previous board appointments include Director at National Water Commission, Director at Scotiabank Jamaica Foundation, and Directors at Friends of the Homeless. She is also a Justice of the Peace for the parish of Kingston, Jamaica.

Rosemarie embraces Christian values, always standing for honesty and integrity and expecting the same from others. She is an authentic Jamaican lady, a leader extraordinaire whose mantra is that “all things are possible”.