Sherrece Jackson

Sherrece is incredibly driven to succeed in what she sets her mind to accomplish. She builds relationships through her passion for exceeding the expectation of the clients/individuals that she encounters. Sherrece has proven her drive for success by earning three degrees in the space of three years – her Associate of Science, her Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management (HIM), and a Master of Business Administration in Project Management. While going to college and taking care of her three children as a single mother, she also worked two jobs during those years. Sherrece worked at St. Mary’s Hospital for approximately six years and Oakwood Rehabilitation for nearly ten years. She completed her internship at St. Mary in Athens, Georgia, USA, where she worked under the Director of HIM for two hospitals. Sherrece developed an HIM week that had the team fully engaged with the activities she planned. She has been able to convert groups from a culture lacking communication and willingness to help one another to a culture of full reliability by creating and executing team building activities that got the team communicating and having fun in the workplace all within budget. Her work ethics are enhanced by her years of college and her eclectic work background. Her respect for others has taught her to listen attentively, demonstrate professional and appropriate communication skills, exhibit effort necessary to accomplish her goals and objectives, approach clients/customers with a positive attitude, and actively contribute to schools and her community. aspects of management from her past careers in various industries. Sherrece skills come from ten years in healthcare, three years in manufacturing, and seven years of management, to name a few. She has garnered a knack for critical decision making in times of crisis from her experience working in emergency healthcare. Sherrece has helped to increase revenue as a manager by winning over clients and guiding them through business development.

Sherrece’s hobbies deal with her health and wellness as a dance fitness instructor over the last five years. She loves family time with her three children and traveling around the world. Another fun factor is that she has taken Spanish since middle school and into college. Sherrece enjoys helping others through volunteer work. She has volunteered in Sun Prairie, WI, at the two middle schools as a tutor and teacher assistance, helping out with the Alzheimer’s Association in Anderson, SC, fundraiser events for breast cancer patients in Madison, WI, and events with Herzing University as an Alumni.